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  • Employer FAQ
What is Greater Career Services?

Greater Careers serves applicants, businesses, students, and professionals looking for a new career path. We identify your skills and match you with the best-suited position. We will help you create a resume and prepare you for the interview process. We offer ongoing support to our staff, even after the placement is finalized.

I just started my job search. Where do I start?

Congratulations on this new and exciting chapter. Start by emailing info@greatercareers.nyc, and one of our career counselors will guide you through the process. We look forward to helping you find your new career.

How can I apply?

Click here to view available positions. You can apply online by submitting your resume to info@greatercareers.nyc.

What positions are available?

Temporary, short-term, long-term, and permanent positions are available. For a complete list, please click here.

Will I need to interview?

Yes, we absolutely want to meet you! After completing your application, you will be contacted by a career counselor who will set up a time to complete our assessments and invite you to an interview with us. We are excited to meet you!

Can you help me find a position in another state?

Currently, we serve the Tri-State Area (NY, NJ, CT). We plan to extend our service area in the near future. Please submit your resume, and we will keep you in mind for the future.

What will happen to my resume if I do not like the position offered? 

We will keep your resume on file and contact you when we believe there is a suitable position for your skills and professional needs. We have multiple contracts with different needs and wants. We are confident in our ability to find you your preferred placement.

Where can I get more assistance?

Please contact Greater Career Services at info@greatercareers.nyc for more information.

Where do you get your candidates?

Greater Careers has multiple methods of sourcing talented health care professionals. We never stop recruiting and adding to our resource database. We strive to find the perfect candidate for the role you need to be fulfilled.

Do all candidates go through your screening process?

Every candidate goes through a rigorous screening and orientation. We will not submit a resume to you for consideration unless we are confident the candidate can get the job done.

When can I bring Greater New York Staffing employees onto my payroll?

Every contract is different and everyone’s needs vary. Please contact our Contract Manager and they can discuss your specific needs and how we can best meet them.

What if there are performance issues with your employee?

We guarantee our placements for 90 days post-hire, while giving our client and our employee ongoing support. If there is an issue and we cannot help resolve it, we will place another candidate for your organization. There are variables between the contracts, please email our contract manager to discuss your particular staffing needs.

If I have an immediate opening, will you provide a qualified candidate? 

That is a tricky question! The answer is we probably can, but that will also depend on your timetable for interviewing our candidates, and their availability to work right away. We always strive to match the best candidate as quickly as possible, and we understand what it means to have a critical opening. Ultimately, we will always do our best to fill every position as soon as possible.

How and when do your employees get paid? 

Every contract is different, and everyone’s needs vary. Please contact our contract manager here to discuss your specific needs.

Where can I get more assistance?

Please contact Greater Career Services at info@greatercareers.nyc for more information.